Hope your not looking down on me todayI’ve tried to do my best carrying this weightI remember about vengeance upon theeI have never forgotten for one secondBut this was hardYou must know I regret that morning more than anythingAnd I’d give it backThat is not to say I don’t love thisBut there is not one day i can forgetThere is not one daySometimes i feel I’m waiting biding timeWaiting for something that may never comeStill everything is differentAll was changed, everythingAll that we live forAll that we dreamed of taken awaySometimes I swear that I’m waiting forSomething to jump out at meWhere can you hide when they come callingWhere can you go when they come for youTime like this when the walls close in and I can’t breatheI call your name
Photo Credit: Lindsayanneadtr